"That's what we like to see: An artist use his work for an inspired, empowering cause."
- Huffington Post

   Lenny Gerard is an independent singer/songwriter and Content Creator/Art Director (please click the link to see his visual-portfolio). He is based in Los Angeles, CA. His music blends the emotional, piano-driven qualities of classic ballads with EDM, R&B, and party-pop driven elements.
     In 2010, Lenny moved to New York City to pursue an education at the Parsons School of Design/The New School University. Halfway through his studies as a Music Technology (BA) and Photography (BFA) double-major, Lenny signed with record label Island Def Jam's creative department as a staff photographer/videographer. Here, Lenny had the chance to work with renowned artists such as Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, Trey Songz, August Alsina, Bon Jovi, and Iggy Azalea - assisting in the production of music videos, taking photos from backstage, and creating unique album covers. To this day, he continues to put his skill in photography and cinematography to great use, acting as the visual mastermind behind all his music videos and packaging design. 

Lenny writes and produces music for and with artists such as Stuart Gellin, Ivan Fiallos-Zombrano, and dance/house-duo Party Supplies. In the Winter of 2013, Lenny released his debut album "City Feet." His album was almost entirely self-produced, self-engineered, and self-mixed. It was heavily inspired by his very first recordings from his self-titled EP Leny B (2011). 

    Lenny has been catching the attention of producers and fans from both the emerging New York City underground scene - and the established San Diego and Los Angeles music scenes. Lenny has had his demos played on numerous college radio stations and has been written about in several publications such as The Huffington Post, CNN, and CityBeat Magazine. Lenny has signed non-exclusive music publishing contracts for film, TV, and radio - and is always creating new music and work. Lenny’s music continues to pop up all over the Internet on DJ mixes, compilations, and social media networks. 

     As Lenny moves forward, he seeks to become a voice for those affected by domestic violence and inequality through both his music and activism. Watch Lenny's music video "Feel Me Now" here